about us

We have produced tailor-made corporate events since 1992. Our past clients include Pixar, Oracle, MCI, SF 49ers, Zales, SF Symphony. Carl Sagan had us create a show for NASA’s SETI project for its once every 10 years meeting with Russian scientists.

Our creative director, Tandy Beal, has also created long-running shows for The Moscow Circus in Japan and The Pickle Family Circus in San Francisco. She choreographed 65 life-sized puppets for Frank Zappa and all the major characters in Tim Burton’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’.

We have made shows around the world, from Anchorage to Zurich, from Zagreb to Atlanta. Points in between include Paris, New York, Houston, LA, Chicago, London, Tahoe, Tokyo, Hong Kong and…Fresno, to name a few!


“There is never a loss for stylized
movement or canny pacing . . .

the performers are charming,
their surroundings terrific . . .
an ebullient score . . .

Wild sartorial imagination and sets
operate in the realm of unfettered joy.”